NLP Stage Two

NLP Business Practitioner

NLP Today and the Nature of Intensives

When I first starting offering trainings in NLP there were few others doing the same and no-one offering a Business oriented course. This was what inspired me to write NLP at Work; to make NLP accessible to the business world, as well as dealing with all the personal issues that we face in our own lives and development. Now there are thousands and thousands of people offering NLP Training and the standard and the content is very mixed. There are many misunderstandings about what NLP really is and you will find that some programmes offer rafts and rafts of detailed techniques and tools. These do have a place but the core skills are an ability to:

The nature of the training

My programmes are not a series of lectures and demonstrations – they are managed experiences drawing on the specific environment in which the programme takes place, the specific mix of delegates, the events in the world at the time of the training and the latest discoveries in all of the themes covered. You will be expertly guided and coached to discover the key learnings for yourself and in doing so to undoubtedly discover some your innate talents and excellence. You will be amazed at what you know that you didn’t know you knew. The programme is a journey of discovery and as such is intense not in the ‘work hard’ sense but in the ‘discover powerfully’ sense.

This is a chance to experience Sue Knight’s unique way of working (you can read more about this here and to experience some of her remarkable colleagues with their own individual talents and styles.


To be sure that this programme is suited to you, you can talk to any one of us, just get in touch with us to take this further.